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Explore the tempting world of American Sweets and Candies From UK's biggest wholesaler- A&F Supplies. From iconic classics to mouthwatering innovations, indulge your cravings with a diverse range of flavours and treats.

We’ve got Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Jolly Ranchers, Air Heads and Twizzlers, as well as a massive range of other favourites. Discover our delicious selection and treat yourself to the sweet taste of the USA – order now for a sugary delight!

Brand: Sour Patch Model: Box Qty: 12

Transport candy lovers to the tropics with these theatre boxes of Sour Patch Kids candy in an assortment of tropical fruit flavours.

Each bite-sized morsel shaped like a classic sour patch kid delivers the soft chew your customers crave that's sour then sweet.

Imported from the USA.

Brand: Sour Patch Model: Box Qty: 12

Give your tongue a real tangy-tingling sensation with this 3.5oz theatre box of Sour Patch Kids! These delightfully fruity gummies are coated in a sour sugar that will fizz on your tongue and make your mouth-pucker, before giving way to a soft and sweet chew beneath. Each one of these delicious candies is bursting sour, tongue-tingling original fruity flavours! Simply mouth-watering!

Imported from the USA

Sour Patch Watermelon 3.5oz Theatre Box (99g)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Sour Patch Model: Box Qty:12

Chewy American candy.

Sour Patch Kids Peg Bags 141g-12CT
Out Of Stock
Brand: Sour Patch Model: Box Qty: 12

Sour. Sweet. Gone. Soft and sour candies made by Maynards, Sour Patch Kids have been growing in popularity in recent years with an unusually loyal following in France where they are known as Very bad Kids.

Sour Patch Kids have something of an odd history; originally created by Frank Galatolie, they were named Mars Men when the idea was conceived in Ontaria, Canada. It didn’t last long, however, and they shortly became the recognisable sweets we say today.

The candies first hit the American market back in 1985, growing steadily in popularity before becoming a household favourite in the 1990’s.

Originally, Sour Patch Kids came in lemon, lime, orange, and raspberry. However,  a new berry flavour was then added to the bunch.

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