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In 1919, A&W was established in the United States. A&W swiftly amassed a sizable and devoted following in the United States thanks to its well-known Root Beer product. We are now unable to offer A&W soda in Europe due to stringent regulations on the permissible quantities of specific soda ingredients. For you to enjoy at home, we still offer a selection of A&W-flavored goods.

Brand: A&W Model: Box Qty: 12
A&W brings you the best in American root beer! Made from a unique blend of sassafras root, spices, herbs, barks, berries, and sarsaparilla root, A&W's recipe has remained a secret since its debut in 1919. Children and adults love to indulge in frosty mugs of this American soft drink, especially combined with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream for a refreshing root beer float! Keep some of this US soda on hand for your summer barbecue!
A&W Cream Soda 355ml
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Brand: A&W Model: Box Qty: 12
1919 Roy W. Allen opened his first root beer stand in California. Four years later Frank Wright came on board - they combined their initials and the A&W brand was born. This refreshing sparkling vanilla cream soda has all the flavour and quality you associate with the A&W brand - a welcome addition at any occasion.
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