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Clipper lighters are a type of refillable butane lighter that have a reliable ignition system, an adjustable flame, and a unique packing tool. They are designed with the highest safety standards and are eco-friendly. Clipper lighters come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, and are popular among smokers worldwide. They work on many popular smoking accessories, such as rolling papers, pipes, and bongs. Clipper lighters are a classic in the world of smoking accessories, and have been in the market since 1959.

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Brand: Clipper Model: Box Qty:48
clipper lighter tray 48
Model: Box Qty:12

Clipper Universal gas lighter refill is a universal butane gas suitable for refilling butane powered domestic products.

Brand: Clipper Model: Box Qty:40
Clipper Lighter 40
Model: Box Qty:40

Clipper is the brand leader in refillable lighters due to its iconic shape, and refillable and reliable features, making it first choice in consumer demand

Brand: Clipper Model: Box Qty:200
Clipper Printed Stand Lighters
Brand: Clipper Model: Box Qty: 12
Clipper Tube Multipurpose Lighter x 12
Model: Box Qty: 12

Clipper have blessed the pipe and bong crew with a new crystal gradient with a fade to white finish, already a massive hit on Clippers the original series, these gradients are also available as super-useful, adjustable pipe and bong lighters!

Brand: Clipper Model: Box Qty:100
Ship Matches 10*10 Box
Brand: Clipper Model: 40

Electronic / Refillable / CR Ignition / Fixed Flame / Flexible and non-crackable Nylon Body

Brand: Clipper Model: Box Qty:30


Specification reusable lighter

Flame normal

Stone ignition

Darning aid for self-turning

Hand stitched pop cover cork cover

Metal Clipper Silver
Out Of Stock
Model: Box Qty:12
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